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Real pressed Flower greeting card's

Select your favorites Real pressed Flower greeting card and send who where you want to send! You only have to do select your favorite Real pressed Flower card and fill the form and click Send it now button that's it.

Select and send your card family members, friends, lovers, Students, Teachers, Office Staff Anywhere in the world…!

Hello, everyone, we welcome you to stylelanka.com with pleasure. This web site has been designed provide tools to facilitate your various graphical needs. stylelanka.com is a special and creative web site which allows users to download free photos, pressed flower cards, Paper quilling cards and graphic arts. This comes to you online from Sri Lanka, its warm, sunny and fine year round. Come and experience the difference.

Pressed flower and Filigree cards:

These collections of greeting cards! Pressed flowers and Paper quilling cards you could copy, edit and send or edit, print and send to your friends anywhere in the world. To get a detailed description please read the given details on page - Pressed Flowers and Paper quilling work.

download images:click on the thumbnail you want to be downloaded, it will open a new window with the image in full size. Then, bottom of page click Download image button or Zip file button.

About the Free photos:

These high resolution photos and digital images can be copied free of any handling charges. Click on Photos, and enjoy it.

We do not allow these images to be distributed, sold or repackaged, with or without modification of any kind. The images need to be used for end users or products only. For an example, if you are a web designer, you may use these images to put on your client’s web site. You may not use the images to create web templates for sale. These digital photo collections can be freely used and not for any commercial purposes.

There’s an opportunity you wish to here! We would like to give this chance to you with the intentions of sharing our ideas, resources and knowledge to become one of the best sites recommended for high quality graphical images. If you could provide us with more high resolution photos, pressed flowers and Paper quilling designs in .jpeg, .gif and .ping file formats we can add them with your name or URL (Name we adding with "alt" tag). You may even join with your friends to find interesting images. Also we hope to add more photographs, digital images, filigree designs and pressed flower cards in the near future. Your feedbacks are most welcome.

Web Design:

Do You Really Own Your Web Site? Here are some important tips for you to remember and some questions to ask from your web designer. Or if you design it by your parent. You can design web sites by using the web designing software like DreamWeaver, Microsoft Front Page, or web templates. All you have to do is add your own content, graphics, images – anything you need to make the site your own. If you can use a simple editor such as DreamWeaver or Front Page, this can be done easily with in few days or even less.

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