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Pressed Flower Art

Pressed Flower Art started about 500 years ago when people started collecting botanical specimens. Initially, specimens were glued on paper with a small index card indicating the plants name, location, and etc… Gradually, specimens were arranged in more artistic ways. And then this had been developed as a new type of art, which was the beginning of this Pressed Flower Art.

In the Victorian period, pressed flower art was very fashionable among ladies. Pressed Flower Art has continued its evolution with introducing new techniques and new processes. Especially with the introduction of modern drying techniques which help pressed flowers to retain their natural colors a lot better.


And start a profitable home business

Flowers are one of the most wonderful gifts by the nature and no body can disregard the beauty of them. All of us use flowers for many different occasions in our lives from our birth to death. Most of the time flowers get along well with all kinds greetings. This has been a provision for the art of Pressed Flowers -an Eco Friendly Art which is getting popular around the world these days because more than the money there are many valuable things that could grow on pressed flowers.

There will always be a good demand for original, handmade greeting cards. A hand-made pressed flower greeting card somehow sends a more sincere message because it shares personal thoughts and caring both with the sender and the receiver. Despite all of these added advantages this helps to protect our environment too, because these pressed flower greeting cards aren’t made by using any harmful artificial methods, chemicals or colours where all the required materials can be derived naturally.

The quality of a pressed flower greeting card will depend on few things. They design should be neatly done and the finishing should be done extremely well. Everything will lies on the way you paste pressed flowers on greeting cards. You must practice this skill continuously if you wish to be an expert artist.

Real Pressed Flowers:

Here are 10 good reasons

  • It's easy to learn how to press flowers and it's quick to get started. You can be up and running in a very short time.

  • You can work from home. Children will love to press flowers too. It's perfect for the stay-at-home mom and ideal for retirees too!

  • Flower pressing encourages your creativity. What greater reward than to express your creativity in such a lovely way? "

  • Most of the tools and equipment needed to press flowers can be found in your home - unless you intend to press on a larger scale.

  • You can even earn some pin money from it. And more if you take it seriously.

  • It's a relaxing and calming occupation. Every aspect from the pressing of the flowers to the designing of the cards and pictures is therapeutic.

  • Flower pressing satisfies your sense of Beauty.

  • It alerts you to the gifts of Nature by opening your eyes to the little things you have never noticed before.

  • It makes a wonderful hobby and a great talking point. People will be fascinated with your pressed flowers. And your greeting cards will be unique!

  • Learn to press flowers simply because it's plain fun! Flower pressing is such a happy occupation.
Make greeting cards with pressed flowers

There will always be a demand for original, handmade greeting cards, A hand-made greeting card somehow sends a more sincere message because it shows personal thought and care.

Greeting cards or gift cards made with pressed flowers are particularly effective. They are eye-catching and original and they can be given for all types of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day and so on.

Start your own flower pressing home business and earn some extra money.

There is always a good market for cards and pictures made with pressed flowers. Because they are handmade and original they are more attractive and you will be able to sell them easily with a great margin of profit. There is even a lively market among hobbyists for readily pressed flowers. Many people who don't have easy access to flowers like to spend on quality flowers and greenery readily pressed for them.

  • Save money using inexpensive tools and equipment!
    When you have the know-how, there really is no need to buy expensive flower presses or other pricey equipments. Much of the material you’ll need is already available in your own home which saves your money

  • Save time and effort by your own tried and tested methods.
    You will literally save months even years of research and experimenting. There's no need to re-invent the wheel. Avoid unnecessary mistakes and go with your own tried and tested methods. It’s a huge advantage to know right at the beginning what works and what doesn't. As a start you can do this in small scale and be prepared to anticipate your small mistakes and learn form them. Don’t get bored or be disappointed. Make failures as pillars of your success!

  • Make money at home while working in your own place!
    This is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time at home. You can even get your family to help you out with this. Have fun while earning extra money!

  • Enjoy healthy outdoor time!
    Flower pressing will make you to move into the out doors with flowers splendor in colour where you will be able to join with nature, breathe fresh air and discover a renewed interest and vigor.

  • Reduce your stress level
    You will see how the handling of flowers and fresh foliage is positively therapeutic. The awesome fragrances of different flowers will help both your mind and body to be completely relaxed and calmed. It works wonders! Try it with your favorite music and see how your designs bloom!

  • Surprise your family and friends with your creativity.
    You will discover the thrill of gaining recognition and respect for your artistry work. Learning how to press flowers will unveil your hidden creativity! And it’s easy too– because the flowers do it all for you! You simply can’t go wrong because the nature doesn't make any mistakes.

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