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Paper quilling

Paper quilling! A DECORATIVE ART

Paper quilling often refers as Quilling is an art of rolling thin strips of paper into different basic shapes to form fascinating designs. Quilling has been around since the Renaissance age.

There are many decorative Items could be turned out all you needs is raw material paper coloured sheets or any normal paper you need Strips of paper quarter inch – half inch size rolling paper and twisting into different Shapes can create decorative items,

Paper quilling workis fun, easy and relaxing too. Many beautiful works of art could be turned out using, this technique when you are free or even during your school holy days. It involves a lot of finger movements. And it is said that this is a good exercise for those who suffering from arthritis pains in hands.

The tools needed for this craft are very basic. Paper strips, something to wind the strips around and glue are basically all you need to get started. Strips of paper quarter inch – half inch size rolling paper and twisting into different Shapes can be turned out to decorative items like, Greeting Cards, Pictures and Frames and Wall Hangers.


You need a tool it can be turned out of wood or with thread reels; there should be a slit in the tool. Some prefer, tooth picks, needles, pins, hatpin's or some specially designed tools for quilling.

Gently roll the tool guiding the paper on to by letting it run through the thumb and an Index finger.

When you finish rolling the paper turn the tool upside down and let the coil drop off the tool, preferably on a plastic sheet laid on surface of your work or even on a on a table or stool it will open like a watch spring.

Use a wooden cock tail stick or a tooth pick apply a little glue to the open end make sure not to rewind the coil and close it. Ordinary clear-drying white glue is good for most projects. If you are using a paper that has been sprayed with metallic paint, heavier clear-drying glue may be used.

  • Scissors-for cutting the strips of paper, although you can purchase pre-cut strips of paper for quilling in some craft stores.

  • A small plastic cap or plastic bottle -to hold a few drops of glue so the rest of the bottle won't dry out.

  • A ruler -is used to achieve uniformity in the size of the pieces.

  • work board -use a piece of corrugated cardboard covered with waxed paper or Styrofoam covered with plastic wrap.

  • Tweezers and a muffin tin -Good to have a handy organizer for different sizes of shapes and the tweezers will help you pick up or place the smaller pieces into correct positions.

  • A damp sponge or washcloth -is helpful to keep your fingers free of glue and to moisten the strip when you start a coil.

There are few basic shapes in quilling from which you can made a variety of designs. When making your designs, use a piece of plastic as a base for gluing your shapes together. When the glue dries, your pieces can easily be removed from the plastic sheet. Nearly all of the shapes following are made from the basic loose coil, which has been glued.

  • 1 A Tear drop
    Hold a closed coil in your right hand and pinch the left hand side to make a tear drop Shape this can be used to turn out flowers, petals or even tea pots.

  • 2 A Petal
    Make as for tear drop coil and turn the as for a tear drop and turn the pinched end down slightly to curve at tee top.

  • 3 A Eye
    Take the coil between the thumb and the index finger of both hands and pinch to make an eye Shape. In this way you can draw any Art, Fish, Butterflies, Flowers, Birds and Create filigree art.

  • 4 A leaf shape
    A leaf shape is made the same way as a teardrop, with the pointed end gently bent sideways

  • 5 A bell
    A bell is made by squeezing two points and indenting the coil slightly, as shown at left.

  • 6 A heart
    A heart is made from a teardrop by gently pushing a point inwards on the opposite side to the leaf point, as shown at left

  • 7 A tight coil
    A tight coil is rolled tightly and glued immediately. This tight coil has been made from a third of the length of one strip.

  • 8 Scroll
    An S scroll is made by scrolling each end in opposite directions.

  • 9 An Heart scroll
    A heart scroll is made using a full length of strip.

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